The Holidays are here and I bet you have some folks on your gift list who have you puzzled. What to do, what to do? Ah…are they music lovers? Maybe they grew up on the great rock and roll of the ‘60s and ‘70s? Maybe they are fans of the Americana genre—that category which includes singer/songwriters from all corners of the roots music world? Or maybe they’d get a kick out of some of the backstories from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Heck, maybe they are all of the above!
So…here’s an idea! Something different!! I bet they’d enjoy my book—MUSIC IN MY LIFE: NOTES FROM A LONGTIME FAN.
Here’s what some pretty top-notch critics had to say:
    “The book is a veritable treasure trove of rich details and anecdotes about rock…readers will find it hard to resist Wightman’s enthusiasm; they will end up admiring this impressive volume from a venerable fan.”—KIRKUS REVIEWS
     “Wightman writes with enthusiasm, a wry wit, and an eye for a story, all of which makes this a book to seek out.”—AMERICANA U.K.
     “Wightman tells a great story, and the passion for music and connecting people through music—fans and artists, fans and fans—has never died. He’s never self-aggrandizing, but he gives the artists the stage, sharing the gifts they bring in song.”—NO DEPRESSION
     “Wightman brings to his memoir a lawyer’s attention to detail and a promoter’s understanding of the often-rare combination of artists with both talent and a fan base for that talent. Add to that his finger on the pulse of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that is both a museum and living experimental rush, and you have a real page turner.”—AMERICAN BLUES SCENE
“That contagious enthusiasm for music is always at the heart of Music In My Life and only makes the final chapter, which brings Wightman’s story full circle, all the more touching.”—LOUDER THAN WAR (U.K.)
You ask—”Where can I get the book?
Well, there’s always the one-click link to Amazon.com
Certainly, you can order it through any independent bookstore, especially Gramercy Books in Bexley (where they also have it well stocked on the shelves)—
I happen to know it’s in stock in the gift store of the Rock Hall—
You can even buy it directly from me, personally inscribed. Just e-mail me at [email protected] and we will make arrangements to connect, you can pay by credit card, and I’ll deliver or ship per your instructions.
Seriously, I really do want to thank the many hundreds of you who have purchased the book already. Perhaps some other music lovers on your gift lists would enjoy it, too.
Happy Holidays and thanks for your support of the music…and the book!